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Application & Requirements Bachelor Vocals

Parallel study artistic-pedagogical

At the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden, our students have the unique opportunity to opt for a second bachelor's degree in KPA (artistic pedagogical training) in parallel to the artistic bachelor's degree in voice (parallel study). Here, starting in the 2nd year of study, additional pedagogical subjects and, above all, teaching practice, i.e. "supervised" teaching in small groups with subjects organized by the university under the guidance of professors of voice, are taken. So after four years, you have two degrees in your pocket! If you want to take KPA voice directly from the 1st semester, you can do that as well. Then you will have many of the courses together with the "artistic" students, but you will be evaluated according to specific criteria in the artistic exams.
If, during the course of study, one realizes that one would prefer to continue studying Bachelor Voice after all, in order to have more opportunities for artistic musical and scenic work, one can take a transitional exam and change the major to the artistic degree. Even then, you still have the option of completing both degrees after four years.


Should I apply?

If you would like to get a professional opinion about your artistic and singing potential before applying, we recommend that you take part in the informatorisches Vorsingen