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Application: Documents

Forms and certificates for enrollment

Required Documents

Applications must include the following documents:

  • One passport photograph
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form, up-to-date and without gaps. The duration of school and study periods are each to be provided with month and year information.
  • Video (if required). Please refer to the admission requirements for your program.
  • Proof (certified copy) of the university entrance qualification or, alternatively a school certificate, demonstrating that the applicant is shortly before receiving the university entrance qualification.
    Exception: If you do not have a university entrance qualification, it is still possible to apply and possibly study if the entrance examination shows that you are particularly artistically suitable. This does not apply to applicants for teaching-related degree programs or for degree programs in instrumental and vocal pedagogy or for applicants for a master's degree program: Proof of a first academic degree (certified copy): e.g. bachelor's degree, diploma, state examination, or if this is not yet available, an officially certified overview of the studies and examinations completed to date and those still to be completed.
  • Declaration whether the applicant is enrolled at another German conservatory at the time of application
  • Programme  for entrance examination (major subject and, if applicable, minor subjects (piano, singing, stage speaking, etc.))
  • Receipt (bank statement) for payment of the application fee in the amount of 50,00 Euros
  • If the applicant is registered at another German university at the time of application: Matriculation certificate

Please submit all official documents, certificates and attestations in German or a certified English translation.

If the applicant is a foreigner:

If the applicant is changing universities:

  • A confirmation attesting duration of former study
  • Transcripts showing examinations passed (with a certified translation)

If the applicant is a minor:

  • written consent of a parent (informal letter with signature(s) of parent(s) or legal guardian)

Additionally from applicants in the second musical subject church music:

  • Confirmation of affiliation to a church that belongs to the Working Group of Christian Churches in Germany, a certificate issued by the responsible local pastor and the responsible full-time church musician that demonstrates the musical participation in the church community as well as the aptitude for the profession as church musician

For applicants intending to apply for Music Teacher Education Bachelor:

  • The submission of a phoniatric report is not a prerequisite for admission to a teaching-related degree program and therefore does not need to be included with the application. However, applicants should be aware that the teaching profession involves high vocal demands. For the planning of the career path and for the assessment of one's own vocal performance, it is therefore recommended that a phoniatric report be prepared before the start of studies. Such an assessment can help to identify and, if necessary, treat vocal problems in good time.

For applicants intending to apply for Composition:

  • Composed works (upload via online portal)

For applicants to the Master Continuing Education:

  • Proof of minimum 1 year work experience (e. g. work contract)

For applicants to the Meisterklasse (Third Level Postgraduate):

  • Expert opinions from two music professionals
  • A perspective on planned artistic projects during study
  • Programme for the entrance examination

An accompaniment for the entrance examination is not provided by the university.

In the case of incomplete applications or applications not submitted by the deadline, there is no legal claim to processing. 

Admission Standards and Language Skills

Incomplete and belated applications may be rejected. In this case, applicants are not entitled to admission of the entrance examination. If documents are submitted in another language than German, a certified translation of the documents has to be attached.

1. Documents