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  • Herzlich Willkommen

Information for New Students

Enrolment information will be published here soon.


Welcome to the Hochschule für Musik Dresden!

An exciting chapter of your life is ahead of you, in which many new experiences, a colorful student life and, of course, a challenging course of study are waiting for you!

Now, at the beginning of your studies, many questions arise: How does enrollment work? What is the best way to organize your studies? Where do you book a room to practice? Which courses have to be taken in which semester and how do you read a module plan? What do I have to consider when rehearsing an orchestra? Where can I get support in planning a concert? What should I keep in mind when teaching online? How do I plan a semester abroad? Why should I already think about starting a career when I start my studies? etc.

To ensure that your studies get off to a good start, your studies will begin with an orientation week, during which you will receive important information and at the same time get to know university life, fellow students and professors.

Here you get answers of most of your questions!

Necessary documents for enrollment (09.09.24-20.09.24)

From all applicants:

  • Electronic insurance certificate from the health insurance company
  • officially certified copy of the university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur certificate) in a certified German or English version.

Applicants who have already been enrolled at another university, additionally:

  • Current transcript of records from the last college/university in a certified German or English version,
  • Copy(s) of previous higher education degree(s) in a certified German or English version (if required),
  • Exmatriculation certificate(s) of the last higher education institution(s)/university(ies) in a certified German or English version.

From international applicants additionally:
- Language certificate (if not already submitted),

From Non-EU applicants additionally:
- Visa or residence permit 

The certificates must be presented as a printed original or as a certified copy. A certified copy is the duplicate of the original document confirmed by an official person (printed and with stamp and signature by the official person). Please note: We do not accept photos and simple copies of diplomas and other certificates as part of admission.



Application for a student residence

You can apply for a place in a hall of residence via Studentenwerk Dresden.

Here you can find more information about the halls of residence on offer, how to apply, the costs and much more.



Semester Fee

The payment of the semester fee in the amount of € 291.90 has to be made by bank transfer. For this purpose, you will receive an individual mail with the details of the bank account and the purpose of payment. We will send you this information, when we have received and checked all documents for enrollment.



Student ID and Semester Ticket

The student card of the HfM Dresden is a chip card. It serves at the same time as library card as well as proof of authorization and key for the use of the rooms.

The semester ticket is offered digitally via an app. You will receive further information by email from the student council.



Placement for German language course

---Date to be announced---

The placement is carried out in the form of a conversation simulation on free topics.

Accepted language certificates



Ankommen an der Musikhochschule

Orientierungswoche für neue Studierende und feierliche Semestereröffnung

Liebe Studierende,

ob beim Meet & Greet, einer Wanderung ins Elbsandsteingebirge oder einem Ausflug ins Dresdner Nachtleben - Wir möchten dir die Möglichkeit bieten, schon vor dem offiziellen Studienstart deine Kommilitoninnen und Kommilitonen kennen zu lernen und Kontakte zu knüpfen, die womöglich ein ganzes Leben halten werden.

Wir werden den Übergang in einen neuen Lebensabschnitt feierlich mit dir begehen.

Rund um die Studienorganisation bieten wir dir zahlreiche Informationsveranstaltungen, damit der Studienstart gut gelingt. Die Teilnahme dazu möchten wir dir dringend empfehlen.


Mandatory Events

Recommended Events

Teaching Events

For your Course of Study

Du bist noch zu früh!

Die Übersicht aller Lehrveranstaltungen des Wintersemesters 2024/25 findest du ab 15.09.24 hier.


Informations for international students


Welcome Service for all International Students

  • You would like help in finding a flat?
  • You still have several ways to Dresden offices (Foreigner's Office, Studentenwerk, Bank, health insurance ...)?
  • You are looking for new friends?
  • You would like to experience a city tour through Dresden together with other students?
  • You have never been to Saxon Switzerland?

Then it's time to get in touch with our International Team.

Together, many things are easier. The International Team not only supports international students with everyday challenges, but also organizes events for students to get to know each other and exchange ideas.






Information for international students in direct studies

The HfM Dresden has the possibility to support you financially during your studies by means of various scholarship funds. You can find more information about the individual calls and application deadlines online.



Information for Exchange Students (ERASMUS + Incomers and students from partner Universities)

The International Office will be happy to assist you with all organizational questions concerning exchange studies. Whether Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records, change of subject or course or Confirmation of Stay. The documentation of your studies towards your home university is managed by the International Office.