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Everyday College Life

All About Life With and Alongside Studies

Living & Housing in Dresden

The student metropolis of Dresden is considered one of the cheapest cities in Europe. The Elbe Valley in Dresden, the Dresden Heath, numerous gardens and parks and the proximity to Saxon Switzerland ensure that you still have nature right on your doorstep. More information on the search for living space and tips on living in Dresden can be found here:
Living & Housing in Dresden

Family-Friendly College

The compatibility of studies/occupation and family is a particular concern of the Dresden College of Music. For this reason, the college carries out the audit family friendly college.


Student Finance & Benefits

No ticky, no washy: information on scholarships, student loans, BAföG, jobs and ways to save money as a student.


Student Council

The Student Council is the elected student representative body and promotes student interests vis-à-vis the college. The Team International is committed to international cultural exchange and would like to support foreign students during their studies in Dresden.
Student council
Team International



Team International

The Team International is an initiative of the Dresden College of Music, which aims to promote international cultural exchange and make it easier for foreign students to study in Dresden to study in Dresden.

Student Projects

Artistic, cultural, political, scientific and educational projects outside the college...


College Sport

In addition to the extensive range of sports offered by the Institute of Music Medicine at the Dresden College of Music, students can take advantage of all the facilities offered by the University Sports Centre of Dresden University of Technology.

Mensa "Tuning Fork"

The name „Tuning fork“ is typical of the music students who enter and leave the cafeteria, but it also reminds us that the fork is a cutlery. If the composition is right while eating, even the hungry musician is satisfied...



The library of the Dresden College of Music provides its users with more than 80,000 volumes of sheet music and books, 16,000 recordings and 74 journals.
To the Library


Musician's Medical Ambulance

The Musikermedizinische Ambulanz  („Musicians' Medical Ambulance“) offers medical advice and treatment for instrumental play-related complaints and performance psychological problems as well as ENT consultation hours.


Psychosocial Counselling

In addition to competent advice and support in the physiological field and in case of performance or examination anxiety by the Musikermedizinische Ambulanz, there is the possibility of receiving support  through the Studentenwerk („Student Union“).