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Bachelor Voice

The 4-year bachelor's degree program in voice comprises a broadly diversified education. In addition to various basic music-theoretical subjects, the study is carried out with highly individualized strategies in the artistic and pedagogical areas, which differs significantly from many similar forms of study at other universities.


diversified and individual

According to your progress, you will be given a variety of opportunities to prove yourself artistically already in the Bachelor's program under the guidance of outstanding teachers. Here, in addition to the main subjects of singing, correpetition, part study, stage speaking, dance, movement, scene study, you can choose from a variety of offerings such as Lied class, Lied duo, oratorio, new music, French repertoire.


Basic Studies

After 2 years of basic artistic studies, during which the young singers learn to master the basics of their instrument, both in singing and speaking, they are already integrated in the annual opera production of the college (opera choir, choral solos). From the 5th semester onwards, all students have the opportunity to develop their talents in various artistic modules or to try out different techniques for optimal study development with regard to later opera training or the development of extensive literature in the concert field.



Already during the bachelor's program, students are given opportunities for presentations in the various concert formats within and outside the conservatory according to interdisciplinary agreements between the teachers, which is intended to promote individual artistic development under performance conditions. Participation in the annual opera production in a solo role is possible from a higher bachelor's semester.



Several times a year, there is the opportunity to experience teaching suggestions from various other voice professors themselves in a practical way (team teaching), thus increasing the diversity of the teaching offered. In addition, courses on music law, vocal physiology and physioprophylaxis as well as various workshops on starting a career are offered in accordance with the study schedule. Master classes, e.g. with renowned singers or agencies, complete the offer.


Study Information

Admission Requirements, Course of Study


Voice Department

Xinmeng Liu und András Adamik/Foto: privat (l.), Oliver Look (r.)
Kurumi Sueyoshi (l.), Alicja Bany (r.), Philipp Rauh (l.), Alexander Rampp (r.)/Fotos: privat

Master classes and workshops

Ensemblewettbewerb 2021 Duet Euphonie: Seulgi Lee (Klavier), Paulina Bielarczyk (Gesang)/Foto: Sven Claus

Award Winners

Xinmeng Liu und András Adamik/Foto: privat (l.), Oliver Look (r.)
Kurumi Sueyoshi (l.), Alicja Bany (r.), Philipp Rauh (l.), Alexander Rampp (r.)/Fotos: privat


Paulina Bielarczyk/Foto:privat
Murilo de Sousa Pereira/Foto: privat

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