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Application: Check

Check for completeness

Check your application for completeness

Passport photograph 
Current, complete curriculum vitae in tabular form  
Video (if required for your course of study)
Proof (certified copy) of the university entrance qualification 
Proof of enrollment at another university 

Proof administration fee 

All documents must be uploaded in the online portal.
There will be no submission of documents by mail.

If the applicants is changing universities:
A confirmation attesting duration of former study 

If the applicant is a minor:
Written consent of a parent 

For applicants intendending to apply for Music Teacher Education Bachelor: 
Confirmation of affiliation to a church 

All other documents - see "Documents" - must still be completed here.

Check the processing status of your application and your e-mail account

You can check the current processing status of your application by logging in and checking your account. Some time may pass between the receipt of your application and the change of the application status. We ask for your understanding for this. Please refrain from inquiring whether your application has been received; please check the online portal.

We do not provide information on the complete receipt of your application.

Also, check your email inbox in case we request additional documentation from you. 

Please send inquiries about your application only to stopspam_a5af6dea29adbf784c1640baa0722b5f, indicating your applicant number, full name, and major.

Invitations to the entrance exam are expected to be emailed in late November/early December.


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