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Bass Guitar/Double Bass


Training in the main subject bass guitar and double bass covers a broad stylistic spectrum. This is the core of the comprehensive artistic training for an all-round musician on these instruments. 



Broadly Diversified, Practically Oriented, Individually

The focus of the study programme is the development of an artistic personality with all its creative potential, who confidently meets the requirements of the current music business. The basis for this is the comprehensive technical and musical training and promotion of creativity and independence.

Learning all Styles and Varieties

The study guarantees a good and broadly diversified education in which all essential styles and varieties are dealt with in detail. Next to traditional jazz, bebop and avant-garde jazz, traditional rock jazz to fusion jazz, blues to reggae and Afro-Cuban, soul to funk, classical rock to nu metal are some of the main focuses of the studies.

Flexible Teaching

Bass guitar and double bass are compulsory subjects. You can choose between weekly lessons of 45/45 min; 60/30 min and 30/60 min bass guitar/double bass. In addition, there is the possibility to complete an education in the subject’s methodology and teaching practice. 

Concert and Stage Experience

The training spectrum is rounded off by offers such as performance, different ensembles and musical projects, work in a recording studio and insights into the areas of booking/promotion/copyright.


Entrance Requirements


Study Curriculum & Documents



Professors and Lecturers

Prof. Tom Götze (Foto: Ellen Türke)

Contacts for all professors, lecturers and staff can be found here




YÆLLEE (v.l.n.r.): Lorenz Glöckner (Guitar), Elias Störr (Piano), Simon Kuban (Bass), Yelena Mashkaryan (Vocals), Heinrich Eißmann (Drums)/Foto: Samuel Alegria
Sebastian Wappler/Foto: Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar | Matthias Eimer