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The drum class of the Dresden College of Music is characterised by great flexibility and contemporary stylistic openness. Each single student is individually prepared for a career as a musician or instrumental pedagogue according to his or her strengths and musical characteristics.


Broadly Diversified, Practically Oriented, Individually

The focus of the study programme is the development of an artistic personality with all its creative potential, who confidently meets the requirements of the current music business. The basis for this is the comprehensive technical and musical training and promotion of creativity and independence.

Knowledge as a Basis for Individuality

Based on an extensive Jazz tradition, the development of the modern drumming in popular music is addressed from its beginnings to the present. With reference to ethnic origins and music forms from all over the world, a sound basis is formed that enables developments to be understood and separate developments to be created. Current trends in Pop music are individual material for the main field of study.

Two Main Subject Teachers in Parallel

Students have the opportunity to be taught by two main subject teachers in parallel. Teachers and students know how to take advantage of this unusual model. Regular workshops with international guest lecturers such as Jeff Ballard, Tyshawn Sorey, Henry Cole, Dave King, Oli Rubow, Holger Nell, round off the training. The course is supplemented by offers such as performance, various ensembles and musical projects, work in the recording studio and insights into the areas of booking/promotion/copyright.

Free Improvisation

Free improvised music has a long tradition in Dresden. With the reference to all playing types of contemporary music it gets more and more new facets. These, as well as the development of creative processes, imagination and expression are conveyed independently of the genre and are essential for the functional companion up to the individual artist personality.





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Professors & Lecturers

Michael Griener/Foto: Doris Hüsler

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Plakat zum Konzert "Tales of Tomorrow"/Foto: Maria Ettelt, Anaïs Görden, Karl Tom Herrmann
Hauptgebäude der Kungliga Musikhoegskolan/Foto: Vanessa Marx