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Information for the Audience of the Dresdner Musikhochschule

Entering the HfM to attend a concert is only permitted if you are NOT showing any symptoms of illness.
All seats in the concert hall may be occupied without a gap and there is no obligation to wear a mask during the entire stay in the university.
Taking into account the incidence of infection, the HfM explicitly recommends wearing a medical mask during your visit in the interest of many guests and all employees.
The usual distance rules apply in the HfM.
The cloakroom is open.
There is no gastronomic offer.
We continue to rely on mutual consideration and understanding.

Status: 04/28/22

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December 2022

Podium Klavier

Hochschule für Musik Dresden, Konzertsaal

Podium Klavier »

13 Präludien und Fugen - eine Hommage der Klavierklasse Prof. Hinrich Alpers an Johann Sebastian Bach

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Heinrich-Schütz-Semester 2022/23