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  • Opera choir in "La Traviata"/Credits: Matthias Creutziger

Master of Music Choral Singing

Cooperation with the Semper Opera

The advanced master's degree program in choral singing offers voice graduates who have already completed their first bachelor's or master's degree the opportunity to participate for two years in one of the world's best opera choirs and to receive accompanying voice and accompaniment lessons. During the four semesters, the students are continuously integrated into the Saxon State Opera Choir Dresden and receive a monthly salary of 900 euros for their participation in the choir. They perform on stage, working with renowned directors and conductors.


The lessons impart comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of opera choir and concert choir singing. The focus is on becoming familiar with the opera choral repertoire and the chorus-specific requirements on stage, as well as the development of choral symphonic works.

Special aspects are the cultivation of ensemble singing as well as the preparation of the repertoire for later auditions. This is taught on the one hand in the main subject lessons at the university, and on the other hand in the so-called post-study, in which intensive work is done on new choral parts in very small groups.


Artistic practice

During the four semesters, the students are continuously integrated into the Saxon State Opera Choir Dresden. Within the two years, a broad repertoire of over thirty opera chorus parts is acquired, making graduates sought-after young artists on the job market. In case of aptitude and corresponding vacancy, there is the possibility of being engaged in the choir of the Saxon State Opera.



Andre Kellinghaus/Foto: Daniel Koch

Study Information

Admission Requirements, Course of Study


Voice Department

Vorsingen, 13.05.23: (v.l.n.r.) Franz-Georg Stähling (CMC Cäcilia Music Concept), Jürgen Reitzler, Steffi Turre (Oper Halle), Rico Förster (Agentur), Andrej Djakov (Agentur Diakov Opera Management), Horst Kupich (Theater Plauen-Zwickau), Prof. Mario Steller (Staatsoper Wien), Michael Konstantin (Theater Plauen Zwickau), Dr. Christoph Dittrich (Städtische Theater Chemnitz), Anna Neudert (Landestheater Detmold), Steffen Piontek (ZAV Künstlervermittlung), Victoria Esper (Dresdner Philharmonie), Johannes Beckmann (Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern), Hans Peter Preu (Landesbühnen Sachsen)/Foto: Claudia Syndram
DUELL / Jahresproduktion Opernklasse 2023 / Motiv: Pauline Malack

Master classes and workshops

Ensemblewettbewerb 2021 Duet Euphonie: Seulgi Lee (Klavier), Paulina Bielarczyk (Gesang)/Foto: Sven Claus

Award Winners

Alina König Rannenberg (links) /Foto: privat_Alicja Bany/Foto: Anna Swieczkowska
Juyoung Mun/Foto: privat


Paulina Bielarczyk/Foto:privat
Murilo de Sousa Pereira/Foto: privat