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Master Music Pedagogy

Music pedagogical fields of activity are more diverse today than ever. In the master's degree in Music Education/Musikvermittlung, students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of making music in a class or teaching music.

Music Making in Groups

The master’s degree in music education with a focus on "making music in groups" prepares students for giving instrumental and vocal lessons in large groups and classes, especially in the context of school cooperation. The course includes further individual artistic tuition as well as various internships, subject didactics, independent pedagogical projects and an in-depth scientific examination of class music pedagogical topics. This enables an individualized and practical training.

Music Mediation

The master's degree in music education with a focus on "Music Education/Musikvermittlung" prepares you for a wide range of opportunities to work in the field of music education - be it as a teacher at concert halls, as a moderator and organizer of concerts and much more. The course offers numerous opportunities to gain practical experience, for example by working on the shuttle bus of The Young ClassX MusikMobil. Students get to know important fields of contemporary music education and practice moderating roles. In addition to the continuing artistic main subject, individual pedagogical priorities as well as the scientifically in-depth examination of aspects of music education are also part of the course.


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