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Application & Requirements Bachelor of Music Music Theatre Correpetition

Entrance Examination

Admission Requirement:
University entrance qualification (equivalent to the „Abitur“ in Germany)


Language Requirements

For application: Proof of German language skills at least at level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
For enrolment: Proof of German language skills according to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The following language certificates are accepted:

  • TestDaF
  • TELC
  • Goethe certificate
  • UNI Cert
  • ÖSD certificate

In addition, language certificates according to the European Framework of Reference are also accepted by language schools that have recognized quality management certificates.
A list of recognized language schools can be found here
A list of recognized quality certificates for language courses can be found here

Students at the HfM Dresden who have received admission subject to proof of German language skills can take part in the language course offered at the HfM Dresden. Studies can only be continued in the second semester if the German exam at the HfM Dresden has been passed at the required level or, alternatively, a language certificate has been submitted according to the criteria listed above.


Video preselection:

A video file must be uploaded with the application documents. The video must be designed as follows:

  • A piano piece from the program to be prepared (5-10 minutes)
  • An opera scene accompanied on the piano with presentation of the singing parts (5-7 minutes)
  • Accompaniment of an instrumentalist (10 minutes)

Please record the video from a fixed perspective (do not move the camera). You can use a smartphone or a professional camera to record. Please pay attention to a good sound. You can also record with microphones. You and your fellow players (if there are any) must be easy to see. Your hands in particular must be clearly visible (for piano and strings). At the beginning of the video, introduce yourself and say your program, looking at the camera. You have to speak German.

You can play each piece individually, and you can also cut between the pieces and the introduction. Please combine videos of different pieces into one video, if that is possible. Image and sound must be recorded at the same time, the use of a separate audio recording device is recommended.

On-site entrance exam:

If the submitted video was assessed as "passed", you will be invited to the entrance examination at the HfM Dresden. The entrance exam includes:

Entrance exam requirements:

Major subject:
Artistic presentation of 20-30 minutes, which includes the following content:

  • Presentation of a self-chosen opera scene with marking of the singing parts
  • Accompaniment of a singer: an aria and a song of your choice
  • Accompaniment by an instrumentalist: Romance in F major op.50 No. 2 by Ludwig van Beethoven or a 1st movement of an instrumental concerto of your choice
    Applicants can bring their own soloists or accompany the singers and instrumentalists organised for them by the audition committee.
  • Demonstration of sight reading skills using different literature


Artistic presentation (20-30 minutes) of works from three styles, some of which are played by heart, played safely at the existing level of performance, interpreted musically, and which reveal the applicant's development potential. The selection of the pieces is made by the applicant according to his individual level of performance.


Music Theory/Aural Training:

Written test with music theory (approx. 30 min.) and ear training (approx. 30 min.) components to demonstrate the following skills: 

  • Basic knowledge of General Music Theory (keys, scales, intervals, triads, four-part chords and inversions), 
  • application of basic knowledge of general music theory and harmony (analyzing and writing simple endings and fundamentals of the basso continuo), 
  • aural grasp of intervals, scales, triads, four-part chords, inversions, melodies, rhythms, instruments.

The written test will take place each day at around 17:00. You can download sample exams here:

Klausur Musiktheorie PDF
Klausur Gehörbildung PDF


We offer regular preparatory courses for the entrance exams.
Further information can be found here.