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Teacher Training in Music

Everyone knows the type because everyone was once a pupil: the school musician. Half musician, half teacher but not completely one or the other? Nevertheless, a profession in which one deals a lot with people and with music. Musical skills and extensive knowledge in all areas of music play as much of a role here as the joy of working with children and youths. The teacher training programme as an artistic-academic study programme belongs to the most diverse study programmes at the College of Music. 


Broadly Diversified, Practically Oriented, Individually



Teaching: Theory and Practice

In addition to the individual artistic focus, there is a wide range of musical and practical lessons, including piano, vocals, ensemble direction and practical piano playing in schools. There are also extensive studies in the theoretical-reflective subjects of music theory, musicology and music didactics.

Individual Artistic Focus

The programme offers a variety of different profiles. There are more than twenty instruments to choose from. 

School Practical Exercises

School practical exercises are offered from the beginning of the second year of study, which establish practical contact with school reality and are gradually intensified during the course of study.

Further Information on the Study Programme

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Teacher Training in Music