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Information for New Students

Information for New Students

Welcome to the Hochschule für Musik Dresden!

An exciting chapter of your life is ahead of you, in which many new experiences, a colorful student life and, of course, a challenging course of study are waiting for you!

Now, at the beginning of your studies, many questions arise: How does enrollment work? What is the best way to organize your studies? Where do you book a room to practice? Which courses have to be taken in which semester and how do you read a module plan? What do I have to consider when rehearsing an orchestra? Where can I get support in planning a concert? What should I keep in mind when teaching online? How do I plan a semester abroad? Why should I already think about starting a career when I start my studies? etc.

To ensure that your studies get off to a good start, your studies will begin with an orientation week, during which you will receive important information and at the same time get to know university life, fellow students and professors.

Our portal will answer your questions! Just click through...

5. - 23.9.2022 Enrolment & Semester Ticket

Information on enrollment as well as on the documents required for this will be available here from August this year. Please also note the information in the admission notices.

Informationen zur Einschreibung sowie zu den dafür erforderlichen Unterlagen erhalten Sie an dieser Stelle ab August diesen Jahres. Bitte beachten Sie auch die Informationen in den Zulassungsbescheiden.





some more information you will here get soon

Semester Contribution

The payment of the semester fee in the amount of € 287.70 is made by bank transfer. For this purpose, each freshman will receive an individual mail in time with the details of the bank account and the purpose of payment.



Student ID and Semester Ticket

The student card of the HfM Dresden is a chip card. It serves at the same time as a semester ticket, library card as well as proof of authorization and key for the use of the rooms.



Language Tests

The German language tests for applicants with German language reservation will take place exclusively on the following day:

Wednesday the 28.9.2022

Room W 4.10

Further information can be found in your admission letter.

The language test takes the form of a conversation simulation on free topics.

Among the accepted language certificates:



Documents for Enrolment

- Letter of admission

- Exmatriculation certificate if you have already completed a course of study at another college/university

- Applicants for the course of study "Teaching at Elementary Schools": additionally certificate of enrollment of the TU Dresden

- certified copies of the high-school diploma, Bachelor, Diploma or Master certificate, if not already submitted, if required

- current insurance certificate of the health insurance company (chip card is not sufficient!)

Privately insured students apply for exemption from compulsory insurance as students with the statutory health insurance according to §8, Para. 1, No. 5 SGB V (German Social Code). The last statutory health insurance company with which you were insured or, if you were not yet insured, a health insurance company at your place of residence and study, is responsible.






Arriving at the HfM Dresden

Orientation week for new students and ceremonial opening of the semester

Dear students,

Whether at a Meet & Greet, a hike in the Elbsandsteingebirge or an excursion into Dresden's nightlife - we would like to offer you the opportunity to get to know your fellow students even before the official start of your studies and to make contacts that will possibly last a lifetime.

We will celebrate the transition into a new phase of your life with you.

We offer numerous information events on the organization of your studies to help you get off to a good start. We strongly recommend that you attend these events.



Mandatory Events

30.9.2022 The deans of studies introduce the fields of study

between 13 - 15.30 / Please inform yourself about the room details for the individual fields of study from 1.9.2022.


At the beginning of the studies, there is an introductory event for all first-year students on organizational issues of their field of study. Their dean of studies explains to them the study structure, study projects, specific details in the module plans, enrollment obligations, etc.


Attendance is mandatory for all newly enrolled students!



28.9.2022 Introduction to chamber music & University symphony orchestra

28.9.2022 University symphony orchestra - introduction and look into practice

Wednesday 28.9.2022 /10-11 a.m. / Kleiner Saal

Contact: Erika Szabo and Prof. Ekkehard Klemm

Participation is mandatory for all orchestral instruments!

In addition to the soloist training, the University Symphony Orchestra (HSO) is a central focus of the practical musical training at the HfM. The close and multifaceted collaboration with professors from the university as well as members of the local professional orchestras is intended to prepare students for their future careers as musicians and to facilitate their entry into the profession.

This introduction gives a brief insight into important questions concerning the organization of studies.


Wednesday 28.9.2022 /11-12 h / Kleiner Saal / Introduction to Chamber Music

Contact person: Erika Szabo and Prof. Joachim Klemm

Participation mandatory for all orchestral instruments and piano!

Chamber music work is also a major focus of the practical musical education at the HfM. It is a consistent component of the orchestral instrument/piano courses. Working with mentors who supervise ensembles on a semester-by-semester basis and prepare them specifically for their exams allows for valuable artistic collaboration.

What is the subject of chamber music? What is the organizational schedule like? How do you sign up for lessons and find your ensemble partners?

This introduction will give a brief insight into important questions regarding the organization of studies, credit allocation and examinations in the field of chamber music.

Afterwards: speed dating partner exchange for chamber ensembles.


30.9.2022 Einführung Hochschulchor

10 - 11:30 / Konzertsaal

Ansprechpartner ist Prof. Olaf Katzer und Lukas Alois Roth, Assistenz

Verpflichtend für alle, die ein Testat im Hochschulchor ablegen möchten, insbesondere für Erstsemester Bachelor (für Gesang klassisch: 2. Studienjahr / für Jazz/Rock/Pop: fakultativ) sowie für das Wahlpflichtmodul.

Diese Einführung gibt einen umfassenden Einblick in die Arbeit des Hochschulchores sowie ganz dezidiert einen Produktionsüberblick über die künstlerischen Vorhaben im Studienjahr 2022/23.




29.9.2022 How to Hochschule?

Thursday 29.9.2022 / 10 am - 4 pm

Attendance is highly recommended!

10 a.m. - 1 p.m. /  Kleiner Saal

Information from the Student Secretariat / Module plans, study and examination regulations / Study abroad with ERASMUS / Concert events at the HfM / Public relations / Room booking for over-rooms / IT and digital learning / Scholarships.

14.00 - 16.00 h / W 4-07, W 4.08, W 4.09, W 4.10, W 4.12 and campus area in front of the concert hall entrance (fair weather variant) or concert hall foyer (bad weather variant)

the TK (Techniker Krankenkasse) introduces itself / the StuRa (student council) of the HfM Dresden answers individual questions / Viviendo - Muggenvermittlung / the Studentenwerk Dresden introduces itself / cooperation project "The Young ClassX MusikMobil" / answers individual questions about your module plans


further information:


TK answers all questions on the subject of "Health insurance during and after studies".

  • How am I insured as a student?
  • When does student health insurance end?
  • How long can I remain family insured?
  • Family insurance through parents living abroad - What do I have to consider? (EHIC insured)
  • Before, between and after internships - How am I insured?
  • Finished your studies? And now?
  • individual consultations or information on benefits are also possible


Cooperation Project "The Young ClassX MusikMobil

  • If you would like to make contact with important cultural institutions in Dresden and the surrounding area, gain experience in the field of music education with children and young people, collect credit points and also (optionally) take on further MusikMobil trips in return for remuneration, the cooperation project "The Young ClassX MusikMobil" is just the thing for you.
  • Further information is available on site: Campus area in front of the concert hall entrance (fair weather variant) or concert hall foyer (bad weather variant).


The Studentenwerk Dresden presents itself with information about studying:

  • How can I apply for a room in a dormitory?
  • How do I get internet in the dormitory?
  • Where can I get my E-Meal card for the Mensa?
  • Where can I find the dining plan for the Mensa?
  • How do I apply for BAföG? How does BAföG work?
  • Can I travel with the Studentenwerk?
  • Does the Studentenwerk offer cultural activities?
  • Can I get advice on social issues?

30.9.2022 15.10.2022 Day of physioprophylaxis

Attendance is mandatory for all first semester students!

Physioprophylaxis Day, hosted by the Department of Musician's Medicine, is an opportunity for students to learn about the extensive program of courses offered in physioprophylaxis: Faculty involved in the program will provide insights into their offerings such as Alexander Technique, Performance Coaching, Feldenkrais and Franklin Methods, Pilates, Qi Gong, Yoga, and Functional Training.

Participants will learn the techniques and teachings of body and movement training in a practical way, i.e. on their own bodies. They will be advised by the lecturers in deciding which body technique they would like to learn or which training promises the greatest benefit for them personally.

Participants: All students of the first semester, interested students of higher semesters, teaching staff.





15.10.2022 Tag der Physioprophylaxe

Samstag 15.10.2022, 10:00-15:30, Eröffnung im Konzertsaal der Hochschule

Für alle Studierenden des ersten Semesters besteht Teilnahmepflicht!

Am Tag der Physioprophylaxe, der vom Institut für Musikermedizin veranstaltet wird, können sich die Studierenden über das umfangreiche Kursprogramm der Physioprophylaxe informieren: Die am Programm beteiligten Dozentinnen und Dozenten geben Einblicke in ihre Angebote wie Alexander-Technik, Auftritts-Coaching, Feldenkrais- und Franklin-Methode, Pilates, Qi Gong, Yoga und Functional Training.

Dabei lernen die Teilnehmenden die Techniken und die Lehren der Körper- und Bewegungsschulung praktisch, d.h. am eigenen Körper kennen. Sie werden von den Dozentinnen und Dozenten beraten bei der Entscheidung, welche Körpertechnik sie erlernen möchten oder welches Training für sie persönlich den größten Nutzen verspricht.

Teilnehmerkreis: Alle Studierenden des ersten Semesters, interessierte Studierende höherer Semester, Lehrkräfte


Recommended Events

26.9.2022 Meet & Greet with StuRa

Monday, September 26th / 6pm / Mensa Stimmgabel

StuRa is looking forward to meet you! You can use our Mensa to calm down after your arrival and get to know new people. Alternatively you can aks us any question you want regarding HfM and your studies or take a sip of a refreshing beer with other students.



27.9.2022 Hiking tour to the Pfaffenstein

Tuesday 27.9.2022 / Meet at 10:10 am at the train station Mitte / Departure 10:22 am with the S-Bahn direction Sächsische Schweiz to Königstein / Hike with STURA and teachers of the university

Getting to know fellow students and professors and hiking in Sächsische Schweiz just outside Dresden - Anyone who feels like starting their studies in this way is invited to the hike up to Pfaffenstein. The 428 meter high table mountain has everything to offer what Sächsische Schweiz is all about: steep stairs, narrow gorges and at the top a magnificent panoramic view. A witch's cauldron is reminiscent of prehistoric cults, a rampart of a Bronze Age castle fortification.

On the summit plateau we will fortify ourselves with snacks we have brought with us for the way back.

The summit choir will sing new songs!

The hike is easily manageable for normally athletic people. We will be back around 4 pm.

Don't forget shoes suitable for hiking and some drinks and snacks for the way!

Registration by mail until 20.9.2022 is requested! Claudia.Syndram(at)



28.9.2022 Pub crawl with the Stura


Wednesday, September 28nd / 6pm / Meeting in front of HfM, Wettiner Platz

Dear First-Semesters!

StuRa invites you to discover Dresden beyond the musical boundaries. So join us to enter the drinking-culture in the nightbars of Dresden-Neustadt. We will start at 6pm at HfM and will get to know many different bars north of the river Elbe. In the heart of Dresden’s alternative district we will find our destination at the Jazzbar “Blaue Fabrik” where you can enjoy a Jam Session. If you’re interested in playing and improvising you can bring your instruments!



30.9.2022 Stura-BBQ

Friday, September 30th / 5 pm / Campus

After the immatriculation festivities we’re waiting for you with BBQ and drinks in front of the concert hall.



30.9.2022 Feierlicher Semesterauftakt

Freitag 30.9.2022 / 16 - 17:30 Uhr / Konzertsaal

Der festliche Auftakt des Semesters ist inzwischen Tradition geworden Rektor Axel Köhler, Kanzlerin Eileen Mühlbach, der Rudierendenrat begrüßen im Konzertsaal der HfM die Studierenden, Lehrenden und Mitarbeiter der Hochschule.

Musikalisch umrahmt wird die Veranstaltung von Studierenden.

Im Anschluss daran lädt der Studierendenrat zum gemeinschaftlichen Grillen und Kennenlernen auf dem Campus ein. Voraussetzung dafür ist allerdings schönes Wetter. Wir drücken die Daumen für einen regenfreien Abend!

Teaching Events

For your Course of Study

You can find all informations about teaching events for your course of study here:

If you are looking for a particular event, you can look them up here:

The schedule for next semester will be put online at the beginning of September.

Informations for international students


Welcome Service for all International Students

  • You would like to have help finding a place to live?
  • You still have several ways to Dresden offices (Aliens Office, Student Union, Bank,
  • health insurance ...)?
  • You are looking for new friends?
  • You would like to experience a city tour through Dresden together with other students?
  • You have never been to Saxon Switzerland?
  • Then it's time to get in touch with our International Team:
  • Together, many things are easier. The International Team not only supports international students with everyday challenges, but also organizes events for students to get to know each other and exchange ideas.






Information for international students in direct studies

The HfM Dresden has the possibility to support you financially during your studies by means of various scholarship funds. You can find more information about the individual calls and application deadlines here:



Information for Exchange Students (ERASMUS + Incomers and Students from our Worldwide Partner Universities)

The International Office in office G 5.02 will be happy to assist you with all organizational questions concerning exchange studies. Whether Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records, change of subject or course or Confirmation of Stay. The documentation of your studies towards your home university is bundled here.


Jessica Gründel





International Office


The International Office in office G 2.01 (Jessica Gründel / stopspam_48140c1a5d61615dfbba27d91f91e211) is happy to assist you with all organizational questions concerning exchange studies.

Whether you are changing subjects or courses, learning agreement, transcript of records or confirmation of stay. The documentation of your studies towards your home university is bundled here.





Language test date

The language test for foreign students without a corresponding certificate of proficiency will take place on Wednesday 28.9.2022 in room W 4.10.

The language test will take place in the form of a conversation simulation on free topics.

Time: 10-16 h

Room: W 4.10


You will receive a separate invitation from the Student Secretariat.