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Confidance Team of the HfM

Dear students, employees and teachers, university members,

At the HfM Dresden, (sexualized) discrimination and violence, exclusion, bullying and abuse of power have no place. In order to ensure this claim, the University Senate decided to set up a confidance team in 2023.


All university members, regardless of whether they study, research, teach or work in administration, can contact the trust team, particularly in the following cases:

  • Do you experience exclusion, bullying or abuse of power at university?
  • Have you experienced (sexualized) discrimination or violence at university?
  • Do you have something on your mind, concerns or problems regarding your studies or employment at the HfM Dresden that you cannot discuss with anyone else?

The confidance team is available to give you advice and support and would like to help you if you don't know what to do next.

In any case, we work with absolute confidentiality

  • No information will be passed on to third parties unless you request it.
  • Every step we take individually or as a team is discussed with you beforehand.
  • You can involve someone you trust at any time.

Directive on Protection Against Sexual Discrimination and Violence

If you are affected by (sexualized) discrimination and violence or are disadvantaged for reasons of ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability or age, you have the opportunity to initiate a formal complaint procedure in accordance with Art. 13 AGG or Art. 5 (5) SächsHSG

Our Members

Lisa Bednarz/Foto: privat
Silke Fraikin/Foto: privat
Johannes Korndörfer/Foto: privat

Contact us

You can reach us via email in various ways.

If possible, please let us know whether this is general advice or a complaint according to Art. 13 AGG.

Would you prefer to remain anonymous?

Don't you know where to put your question, your idea or your suggestion for improvement? Then please use our form Praise & Criticism