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Praise & Criticism

Feedback Form

Dear members of the HfM,

With this form we would like to give you the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on the teaching – whether criticism, ideas or praise – to the HfM Dresden. The details in the form will not allow us to identify who you are. Any personal details are given voluntarily and only allow us to contact you should there be a need for clarification of any particular issue. If you would like us to contact you, Ms Silke Fraikin at the HfM Dresden will treat your enquiry as confidential and only forward this to your requested contact with your agreement.


Lob & Kritik EN

Following details are voluntary:
Data Protection & Submit
Data protection

Your data is collected for the viewing and processing of your feedback on the system of the HfM Dresden. Your details are stored on the webserver of the HfM Dresden as well as in the systems of the employees responsible for feedback. Data is only stored for as long as is required for the evaluation, a maximum of one month. To view or delete your data, contact the Webmaster ( If you have any problems, contact the webmaster at the HfMD Dresden or data protection officer
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