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Student Secretariat

Advisor for application procedures, study planning, vacation semester & extension of study time

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Until further notice

Closed. We are happy to answer your questions via telephone or by e-mail, through which personal appointments can be scheduled too.

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Daily Bookings

Practice rooms and classrooms can be booked on a daily basis and for the current week for practice and for individual and ensemble lessons at the gate. You will need your student ID card, on which the room is booked electronically and with which you can unlock and lock the room.


Room Bookings for the Following Week and Further in Advance
Please direct long-term booking enquiries for the current academic year to: 

For rehearsal stage, small hall, concert hall, W 3.08, W 2.10 

Secretariat of the Faculty I 
stopspam_1d91589fb94b674d0d9b9d41ab5372df and 

Movement room and house 2.5 

Secretariat of the Faculty II 

Bookings for the Following Academic Year
For long-term project inquiries in the concert hall, please contact 
Dr. Katrin Bauer/Dezernentin Public Relations, Artistic Professional Practice 
Room G 3.02 
Phone: +49 351 4923 654 
Email: stopspam_34654457ba176b3d5edbe2c7a89fd86d



Students must register for modules, which applies in particular to all elective modules. Registration takes place at the Registrar's Office (Department I) of the College. The relevant deadlines will be published in the overall timetable. Please note that the registration for the module is also the registration for the module examination. However, a later cancellation of this module examination is possible up to two weeks before the examination period. However, this does not entitle you to longer individual or group lessons. Furthermore, all exams already completed in the respective module expire with the examination deregistration.

Should you require certificates of study, transcripts or similar documents, the Student Secretariat would ask you to notify them in advance by email in order to ensure smooth processing. It may take several days to issue the certificates. Please take this into account in your scheduling.

The Rectorate Secretary (room W 2.31) authenticates certificates of the Dresden College of Music. This is possible during the cash desk's opening hours. The fees can be found in the scale of charges.

Semester Fee
Students: 284,10 EUR
Academic leave of absence (with semester ticket): 284,10 EUR
Academic leave of absence (without semester ticket): 87,50 EUR

In case of late re-registration a fee of 25,00 EUR will be charged. 

Re-registration is only possible at the Wettiner Platz terminal via EC card payment (no credit or master cards). 

Tuition Fees
First degree studies are currently free of charge in Saxony. Tuition fees must be paid for other types of study such as guest student studies, second degree or continuing education courses, but also in individual cases for the Master's degree. 
These are in the range of 50.00 to 500.00 euros or in the range of 400.00 to 1400.00 euros for continuing education courses.

Scale of Charges
Download als PDF


BAföG muss beim Studentenwerk beantragt werden. Den Ersatz für das Formblatt 2 erhalten Sie im Studierendensekretariat. Die in höheren Fachsemestern erforderliche Leistungsbescheinigung nach § 48 BAföG (Formblatt 5) reichen Sie bitte unter Angabe des Fachsemesters im Studierendensekretariat ein. Nach Bearbeitung wird dieses an den Studiendekan zur Unterschrift weitergeleitet. Danach können Sie die Bescheinigung wieder im Studierendensekretariat abholen. Bitte beachten Sie dies bei Ihren Abgabefristen. Damit ein ordnungsgemäßer Studienablauf bestätigt werden kann, müssen sich BAföG-Empfänger grundsätzlich an die empfohlenen Studienablaufpläne halten und die Modulprüfungen rechtzeitig ablegen.



You will be informed about grades by the respective lecturer or examiner. Grades lists (if posterable) are posted on the board in the corridor of the 1st floor/old building opposite the rectorate. 

Examinations Accompanying the Dourse
The exams accompanying the course, as in group lessons in early/new music, in compulsory elective modules or in certain compulsory modules, can be confirmed by the person responsible for the module or the lecturer via the proof of certificate at the end of the course.

Make sure that the information is complete and correct (especially the module code). Please insert the completed and signed proofs into the letter box of the Student Secretariat (next to room G 3.01). 

Proff of certificate for examination accompanying the course Download PDF


Bachelor and Master Theses

The Bachelor's and Master's theses and all related questions are the responsibility of the thesis committee. These include prof. Dr. Manuel Gervink, prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lessing and prof. Dr. John Leigh. The thesis committee is responsible, among other things, for accepting and confirming the topics of the bachelor's or master's thesis. Students must register in due time with a proposed topic for their final thesis. Registration is made via prof. dr. Manuel Gervink, the deadlines end at the beginning of each semester and are announced in the general schedule.

Study Application
The prerequisite for admission to a course of study is the general qualification for university entrance - in the case of exceptional musical abilities, the 10th grade (does not apply to the teacher training and instrumental and vocal pedagogy courses of study) and a comprehensive musical background. In an entrance examination you have to prove your suitability for music studies. Beginning students are only admitted for the winter semester. Applicants for a Master's degree, for a course of study in the artistic master class as well as change of university can also start their studies in the summer semester. Please submit your application for admission for the winter semester by March 31 of the current year at the latest and for the summer semester by October 31 of the previous year online at Incomplete documents or documents not submitted on time will be rejected. In these cases you are not entitled to take the entrance examination.

An admission procedure takes place for a first degree (Bachelor or change of university), a master degree, a master class, a second degree, a change of university, a change of course or main subject, for an elective or second subject as well as for an additional artistic subject. Admission to the courses of study or subjects mentioned can only be granted after passing an entrance examination. Admission is decided by the Rector’s Office after consultation with the Admissions Commission.


As a student applicant you become a student with the enrolment and thus a member of the Dresden College of Music Carl Maria von Weber. Enrolment takes place on the date specified in the notification of admission.

Enrolment/ Re-Registration
If you want to start or continue your studies at the college, you must enrol within the specified period and form. The corresponding deadlines are included in the framework timetable. If, for a compelling reason, you cannot enrol in due time, a written application for approval of a late enrolment must be submitted to Department I (Student Secretariat: mailto:stopspam_a5af6dea29adbf784c1640baa0722b5f). 

Documents for Enrolment / Re-Registration

  • Student card, EC card
  • Health insurance in the event of primary or new enrolment and change of health insurance company
  • Residence permit for foreign students

If the deadline is exceeded or late re-registration is received, the college will charge a late fee. If a re-registration does not take place within the additional period, you will be de-registered.

If you have successfully completed your studies, you will usually be de-registered at the end of the semester. If you would like to continue your studies at another university, apply for de-registration (in writing and informally) before the start of the new semester. 
The routing slip must be presented when the certificate/de-registration is collected. The de-registration can also be pronounced if the re-registration has not been carried out properly or a prescribed examination has not been passed definitively. Upon de-registration, membership in the college ceases.
If you wish to continue your studies at another university, apply (in writing and informally) for de-registration before or during the re-registration period.

Change of Studies
You must register for the entrance examination by 31/03 or 31/10 of each year in order to change your course of study, to take an elective module with an entrance examination and for an instrumental or vocal additional subject or module.

Study Exemption
If you are temporarily unable to attend classes in individual subjects without having applied for a leave of absence for the entire semester, you are obliged to apply to the Dean of Studies or the person responsible for the module for exemption from study. You must justify your request.

Standard Period of Study
Please ensure that you adhere to the standard study period for your degree programme. Only then is it possible to study (to attend the lessons without overlapping).

Upon application, you can generally be granted leave of up to two semesters for good cause. Please submit applications for leave of absence by 31. May / 01. December on the form provided for this purpose, stating the reason. Retroactive leave of absence is generally excluded. If you intend to apply for a leave of absence due to studying abroad, the application for leave of absence must be submitted by the end of the preceding academic year at the latest. Study visits abroad can be credited as semesters of study. 
The leave of absence becomes effective by written notification to the applicant. The obligation to re-register remains in force; this also applies to the re-registration to be made during the leave of absence semester. Leave of absence semesters are not counted towards the period of study. When you receive a leave of absence, you can choose whether you want to use the semester ticket or not.

Temporary studies at a foreign university can take place from the 2nd semester onwards. The duration of the stay abroad can be either one or two semesters and is also possible several times in each study cycle (Bachelor, Master, Master Class, Teacher Training in Music). The HfM Dresden has more than 40 cooperations with foreign universities. The deadline for applying for an exchange place is 15. January of each year.

Further information is available from the International Office (mailto:stopspam_71e67e81c5169f4c2a0d18de35c169fb, room G 3.08). Students who plan to study at a foreign university determine the planned course of study at the foreign university with their lecturers at the HfM Dresden before their departure. Questions concerning the later recognition of the planned study and examination achievements are also clarified.

For study stays abroad within the framework of "ERASMUS+", these agreements are set out in a so-called "Learning Agreement", which guarantees recognition of the study achievements if the defined agreement is complied with. The recognition of the study and examination achievements abroad takes place after the return through the corresponding module responsible persons. Please note that students studying abroad must also meet the re-registration deadlines according to the general schedule for the next semester at the HfM Dresden.

Each module is identified by a fixed number of credits, which describes the average amount of work that graduates of the respective module must perform. One credit stands for 30 working hours - this number includes time in class, practice time and exam preparation. 
Upon successful completion of a module, i.e. upon passing the module examination, the student receives the credits defined for the module. A total of 240 credits are required for a successful Bachelor's degree in the artistic Bachelor's programme and usually 120 credits in the Master's programme. In order to achieve this number of credits, the recommended study schedule are designed in such a way that the necessary number of credits is achieved when all compulsory and elective modules are taken.

Student Identification Card
The student ID of the HfM Dresden is a chip card and serves as a semester ticket (printed on the back: SETICK together with the respective valid semester), library card (barcode and library number on the front) and as proof of entitlement and key for the use of the practice rooms. It is also possible to have your ID card activated by the administrator, Ms. Wolf, for use in the computer room and for W-LAN. The necessary forms can be found here. If you lose or damage your student ID, you can apply for a new one between 09:30 and 11:00 during the opening hours of the Student Secretariat. The cost for this is 15,00 Euro (only cash payment possible).

Copy Card
A copy card from Acribit is available in the copy room opposite the gate at the reloading machine.. (

Study Schedule
By adhering to the study schedule, you ensure that all module examinations required for the degree are taken in good time. This is important, for example, because BAföG payments require regular proof of study and examination achievements. In addition, the successful completion of certain modules from previous years of study is required to take individual modules. Of course, it is not always possible for every student to study exactly "according to schedule". Special regulations apply to studies during pregnancy and parental leave or in the event of illness. 
If a module examination was not passed or could not be taken in time, this usually does not mean that you are no longer allowed to continue your studies. You have up to one year to complete the required examination. If the standard period of study is exceeded by more than four semesters, the final examination is considered not passed for the first time.  The study schedules are part of the study and examination regulations and are published on the website of the HfM Dresden under the item Studies as well as on the pages of the individual disciplines.


All Bachelor, Master and teaching degree courses at the HfM Dresden are divided into modules. Modules comprise thematically related courses and convey a common qualification goal. At the HfM Dresden modules usually last one academic year. Each module concludes with an examination. The module examination can consist of one examination achievement, but may also consist of several examination achievements. The module examinations in their entirety lead to a university degree. 
A list of all modules of the respective study programmes as well as information on the module examinations can be found in the module descriptions. These are part of the study and examination regulations and are published on the website of the HfM Dresden under the item Study as well as on the pages of the individual discipline.

Any change in your contact details (address, telephone number, e-mail address, name change) must be reported immediately to the Student Secretariat and the College Library, including the loss of your student ID and an absence of more than one week. Sickness notifications must be submitted to the Student Secretariat within three days. Please check out personally with your teachers.




All questions regarding the course of study are handled by the course deans. Appointments can be made via the faculty secretariats.


Secretariat Faculty I

Secretariat Faculty II