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Application & Requirements Meisterklasse Acoustic Guitar

Entrance Examination

Admission Requirement:
To apply for the Künstlerischen Graduiertenstudium (3. Zyklus) Meisterklasse, it is necessary to have graduated from music university. The submitted documents must additionally include:

  • a certified copy of the most recent graduation document
  • a declaration, denoting if the applicant is currently enrolled in another music university
  • an assessment from two reknown artists
  • extensive documentation about artistic projects during the time as student of the Meisterklasse
  • it is mandatory to submit the programme for the entrance exam

Additionally, the documents may be supplemented with:

  • further assessments, critiques, reviews or publications etc.
  • a video file with an artistic performance
  • a second copy of the entrance exam programme (see Appendix to Studienordnung für das Künstlerische Graduiertenstudium (3. Zyklus) Meisterklasse)

Main subject:

Submission of a concert programme of at least 45 minutes duration, with special consideration of the individual artistic signature with respect to programmatic choices and musical performance.
Performing solo is a necessary part of the performance. In addition an ensemble concert part is also possible.
Regarding the music choices, a creative part (selfmade compositions, arrangements or improvisations) is desired, but not required.

Before the examination, the committee will make a program selection of up to 20 minutes duration.