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Bowed Stringed Instruments

The training of the string classes ranges between the traditional and the modern, Dresden’s top orchestras and soloistic aspiration. Musicians from the Sächsischen Staatskapelle Dresden or the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra instruct alongside international soloists and renowned pedagogues.



Further Information on the Study Programme

The focus of the study programme is the development of an artistic personality with all its creative potential, who confidently meets the requirements of the current music business. The basis for this is the comprehensive technical and musical training and promotion of creativity and independence.


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Bowed String Instruments and Harp


Stellvertretender Studiendekan




Strings and Harp

Contacts for all professors, lecturers and staff can be found here


Bowed Stringed Instruments


Alcina: Paulina Bielarczyk, Ruggiero: Anna Grycan/Foto: Sebastian Hoppe