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Studying Music in Dresden

Diverse, Individual, Practical

The Dresden College of Music views itself as a place for the cultivation of the music culture in which art, science and instruction in theory and practice are interconnected. There is a lively exchange between tradition and renovation, continuity and experiment. Freedom to experiment, new working methods and artistic research are components of everyday life at the College.

University operation from February 22, 2021

The university will be open to practice and limited classroom teaching from February 15, 2021. Please use the german version of this site for further details.


Attention Applicants!

The application requirements for the winter semester 2021/22 have changed.
Please follow these instructions

All further information on dates, documents and online application can be found on the application page


Important Update on Travel Requirements

Trainees, students, postgraduates and research assistants are again allowed to enter Germany from other countries outside of the EU!

Because institutions of higher education are organising the 2020/21 winter semester as a combination of online and in-person instruction, it is not necessary to provide any separate documentation of the need to attend in person. The letter of admission or the employment agreement is sufficient for the visa to be issued.

Regardless of the criteria stated above, all travellers must follow the quarantine rules of the relevant federal state of Germany.

You can find furher information on our Corona FAQ




Yun Ho/Foto: privat
Cover CD Annette Unger 2021/Foto: Genuin
Charlene Lee/Foto:privat
Kinder der 63. Grundschule beim The Young ClassX Schulhofkonzert/Foto: F. Wendler


Coming Soon

Wed, 28.07.21, 18:00 Uhr Examina Jazz/Rock/Pop

Begrenztes Platzkontingent

Tue, 03.08.21, 20:00 Uhr Abschlussprüfung Jazz/Rock/Pop

Begrenztes Platzkontingent

Thu, 12.08.21, 17:00 Uhr Abschluss Meisterklasse Klavier

Begrenzte Platzkapazität


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