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Application & Requirements Meisterklasse JRP Vocal Performance

Entrance Examination

Admission Requirement:

A prerequisite for application to the Artistic Graduate Studies (3rd Cycle) Meisterklasse is a completed university degree.


The following documents must be submitted with the application for the entrance examination:

  • a curriculum vitae with essential details of previous education and, if applicable, practical training/activity;
  • a passport photograph of the applicant;
  • copy(s) of the most recent academic degree certificate;
  • a statement as to whether the applicant is enrolled at another German university of music at the time of application;
  • proof of payment of the processing fee in the amount of € 50.00;
  • the program prepared for the entrance examination (see appendix to the study regulations);
  • Expert opinions from two teaching and/or artistic personalities not older than one year;
  • Proof of German or English language skills at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;

German Language Requirements:

For applicants who have not completed their Abitur or previous university degree at a German-speaking institution: Proof of German language skills corresponding to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Proof of German language skills is possible in all other cases through the following certificates:

  • TestDaF
  • TELC
  • Goethe Certificate
  • UNICert
  • ÖSD-Certificate

In addition, language certificates according to the European Framework of Reference are also accepted from language schools that have recognized quality management certificates.
You can find a list of recognized language schools here
A list of recognized certificates for language courses can be found here

English Language Requirements:

For applicants who have not taken their high school diploma equivalent or previous college degree at an English-speaking institution. Proof of English language proficiency is possible in all other cases through the following certificates:

  • Cambridge Certificate
  • TELC


Video preselection:

A video file must be uploaded with the application documents. The video must be designed as follows:

  • a video (approx. 20-30 minutes) with an artistic presentation of a challenging and diverse program. The program should be based on the requirements for the on-site entrance examination.

A fixed camera is to be used for recording; the use of cell phones, tablets, etc. is possible. Image and sound are to be recorded together; the use of a separate audio recording device is recommended. At the beginning of the video, the applicant must briefly introduce him/herself in German or English as well as announce the program while looking into the camera. The required pieces must be recorded uncut, editing is allowed between the individual pieces and the introduction. The video recordings can be submitted either in several files or as a complete video. The applicant must be clearly recognizable in the video clip. Répétiteurs and singers - if provided - must also be clearly recognizable. The video must not be older than one year; this must be proven in a suitable manner (for example, by verbally announcing the date at the beginning of the video).


On-site entrance exam:

If the submitted video was assessed as "passed", you will be invited to the entrance examination at the HfM Dresden. The entrance exam includes:

Submission of a concert program of at least 45 minutes duration as a soloist or with your own ensemble, taking into account:

  • a high creative content (own compositions, arrangements, improvisations)
  • an independent artistic signature in the programmatic selection and the musical performance
  • a noticeable position as "artistic head" in the performance with own ensemble


The entrance examination consists of two parts:

  1. An artistic presentation (up to 20 minutes) in the artistic focus. The commission selects parts from the prepared program.

  2. An oral examination (approx. 10 minutes), which can be conducted either in German or English. Applicants should be able to demonstrate the following competencies in rudimentary form in an interview with the commission members:

    • Present, discuss and defend findings from their art discipline,
    • identify artistic issues independently,
    • Ideas for developing new repertoire,
    • Ideas for the innovative design of programs,
    • Ideas for the further development of artistic methods,
    • Ability to relate theoretical and methodological knowledge to the goals of master class study,
    • Ideas for the implementation of tutorials for or in cooperation with students of the HfM Dresden and/or students of the Sächsischen Landesgymnasiums für Musik,
    • Reflection on one's own artistic work,
    • examination of the role of the artist in society.