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Semester Schedule

Summer Semester 2020

2020 March 1st until August 31st

01.03.2020-22.03.2020Project period 
01.03.2020-20.03.2020Enrolment of new students 
23.03.2020Begin of lessons 
30.03.2020-10.04.2020Exam registration (Meisterklasse) 
01.03.2020-31.03.2020Module registration for winter semester 2020/2021 (for modules with entrance examination) 
01.03.2020-31.03.2020Registration of Bachelor- and Masterthesis 
28./29.05.2020Entrance exams Meisterklasse 
bis 31.05.2020Application for leave for winter semester 2020/21 
02.06.2020-12.06.2020Entrance exams 
02.06.2020-12.06.2020Lecture-free time during the entrance exams 
10.06.2020-24.06.2020Reregistration/module- and elective submission for winter semester 2020/2021 
22.06.2020-17.07.2020Exam period24.06.2020 - 26.06.2020 Chamber music exams
13.07.2020-31.08.2020Semester break 

Winter semester 2020/21

2020 September 1st until 2021 February 28th

01.09.2020-25.09.2020Project period  
21.09.2020 –25.09.2020Enrolment of new students  
25.09.2020Introductory events  
25.09.2020Matriculation celebration/semester opening  
28.09.2020Begin of lessons  
10.10.2020Physioprophylaxis day  
05.10.2020-15.10.2020Exam registration (Meisterklasse)  
05.10.2020-30.10.2020Module registration for the summer semester (for modules with entrance exams)  
05.10.2020-30.10.2020Registration of Bachelor- and Master thesis  
Until 30.11.2020Application leave for the summer semester  
21.12.2020-03.01.2021Lecture-free period (Christmas)  
04.01.2021-07.02.2021Exam period28./29.01.2021 Chamber music exams 
14.01.2021Open house day  
05./06.01.2021Entrance exams Meisterklasse  
07.01.2021-12.01.2021Exam period  
04.01.2021-22.01.2021Reregistration/module- und elective registration for the summer semester, for Meisterklasse according to § 6 (2) Studienordnung Meisterklasse  
25.01.2021-28.02.2021Semester break  

Summer semester 2021

2021 March 1st until August 31st

01.03.2021-19.03.2021Project period  
01.03.2021-19.03.2021Registration of new students  
22.03.2021Begin of lessons  
08.03.2021-18.03.2021Exam registration (Meisterklasse)/module registration  
01.03.2021-31.03.2021Module application for the winter semester (for modules with entrance exams)  
01.03.2021-31.03.2021Registration of Bachelor- and Master thesis  
Until 31.05.2021Application leave for the winter semester  
21.06.2021-18.07.2021Exam period17./18.06.2021 Chamber music exams 
27./28.05.2021Entrance examination Meisterklasse  
31.05.2021-11.06.2021Entrance exams  
31.05.2021-11.06.2021Lecture-free time during the entrance exams  
07.06.2021-24.06.2021Reregistration/module- and elective registration for the winter semester, for Meisterklasse according to § 6 (2) Studienordnung Meisterklasse  
19.07.2021-31.08.2021Semester break