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Participation Conditions


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Conditions for DMM 2017 participants

Applicants must submit a signed application form and pay the application fee to be considered. The application is not valid until the application fee has been received.

Please mail the completed and signed application form before the application deadline to the address:

Dresdner Meisterkurse Musik
c/o Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden
Frau Silke Fraikin
Wettiner Platz 13
01067 Dresden

Together with the application form, please send your short biography as well as confirmation of payment of the Application fee (€ 80). Payment must be rendered onto the following account:

Accountholder: Hauptkasse des Freistaates Sachsen
IBAN: DE09 8505 0300 3155 8250 05
Purpose of payment:
7040 00520-0 AoSt: 123801-3 and given name and surname of the DMM 2017 applicant

The Carl Maria von Weber University of Music in Dresden will pay no banking fees. Checks cannot be accepted.

(1) Decisions on the admission of active participants or auditions shall not be made before the application deadline.

(2) The instructor for the course in question shall make the final decision at his/her own discretion concerning the admission of active participants no later than following an audition on the first day of the course.

(3) Admission is not transferrable to other persons.

(4) Upon confirmation of active participation, an active course participant fee shall be payable in addition to the application fee. Participation at the DMM is not secured until after receipt of payment.

(5) Applicants who are not admitted as active participants may attend the masterclass and all other courses offered at the DMM after payment of the auditor’s fee. The application fee is non-refundable.

Assignment of rights
(1) In case of events held for broadcast purposes (live or pre-recorded), the participant assigns to the University of Music the necessary rights for live or taped broadcasting – including repeat broadcasts – without limitation of time, place, or content and gives consent for the exercising of these rights, including in particular any broadcasts by foreign broadcasters (e.g. Eurovision). This consent also includes utilization for online services.

(2) In the case of events that are recorded on audio and/or video media as well as audiovisual media for the purposes of the university, the participant shall permit duplication, dissemination, or broadcasting undertaken for these purposes – including by third parties. He/she grants the university the rights necessary for such purpose without limitation of time and place. Use for the university’s purposes shall also include use by the university for promotional purposes.

(3) For events where video screens, loudspeakers, or other similar technical means are used to facilitate visibility or audibility, the participant grants the University of Music the necessary rights for such purposes.

(4) The assignment of rights pursuant to paragraphs 1 through 3 above shall have no bearing upon claims of copyright licensing agencies for compensation to the extent that such claims arise pursuant to the provisions of §§ 73 ff of the Copyright Act.

(5) If a work or a performance of a work is disseminated in the form of a film, radio or television broadcasting or by other similar technical means, the contractual party in question shall receive an appropriate honorarium. This does not apply to news reporting broadcasts on radio or television. The length of a news reporting broadcast may not exceed six minutes and no more than one quarter of a work may be broadcast. This applies regardless of the length of time that has passed between the making of the recording or live broadcast and the broadcasting of the news report.

(1) Practice facilities are available on a limited basis free of charge.

(2) At course participant concerts, appropriate concert attire is required.

(3) On the basis of the recommendations of course instructors, the project administrators shall choose which participants are to be presented on course participant concert programmes.

(4) Requests for accommodation at host families will be processed not before having received the formal application and in order of arrival.

(5) Please bring your scores. There is no possibility of copying on the spot.