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Broadly Diversified, Practically Oriented, Individually

The focus of the study programme is the development of an artistic personality with all its creative potential, who confidently meets the requirements of the current music business. The basis for this is the comprehensive technical and musical training and promotion of creativity and independence.


The prerequisites for later work as a composer in the field of jazz/rock/pop on a professional level are worked out in the course of studies. In addition to methods and working methods that enable the refinement and differentiation of technical and musical skills, students learn how to deal with basic and advanced compositional concepts.

An Individual Musical Language in Focus

During the studies there will be developed a basic repertoire of working methods as composer/arranger. The competences for diverse requirements are differentiated and extended by studio work in the field of music production. To further concretize the personal musical language is the focus of the course of study.

Development of a Musical Personality

The aim is to develop the student into a mature musical personality who is able to meet the diverse requirements of the artistic fields of work. The student will be able to distinguish him or herself both as a composer with his or her own approach and in the various applications of compositions and arrangements and will apply his acquired skills in the realization of studio production.


Jazz/Rock/Pop Composition

Thomas Zoller has an affinity to topics such as: Monotonousness, complex structures, pauses, repetition, non-repeatability, social sculpture, holistic analysis, glass bead game, accompaniment, promoting experiences, learning and forgetting.

His area of interest is composition in the broad sense, open to experience, both spontaneously and structurally, as well as in the instrument as in the workshop and at the computer/desk and in contact with young musicians.


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Professors & Lecturers

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