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The specialisation Jazz/Rock/Pop offers studies in a wide variety of artistic fields. In addition to the artistic work in the respective main subject, the typesetting and ensemble work is the main focus of the practical vocational training. The aim is to develop an artistic personality with all its creative potential that confidently meets the demands of the current music business. Basis for this is the comprehensive technical and musical training and the promotion of creativity and independence.  


Thomas Zoller

Artistic Direction 2019/20

Thomas Zoller übernimmt im Studienjahr 2018/19 2019/20 die künstlerische Leitung des Bereiches Jazz/Rock/Pop der Hochschule für Musik Dresden.

hfmdd jazz orchestra

Teaching of Stage Practice

The hfmdd jazz orchestra is in a certain sense the symphony orchestra of the Jazz/Rock/Pop programme. In addition to conveying enthusiasm for orchestral playing, the primary task is to prepare for the requirements of the profession in musical, stylistic and psychological terms.  

hfmdd jazz orchestra
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Christian Zack - Gewinner des Hauptpreises des 5. European Guitar Awards