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Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy


The discipline of instrumental and vocal pedagogy (IVP) trains future instrumental and vocal teachers and thus pursues a comprehensive artistic and pedagogical education at the same time.



Broadly Diversified, Practically Oriented, Individually

Practical Experience

This discipline is characterised by the high practical part of the training as well as a close connection of these practical parts to the scientific examination of musical learning and teaching


Regular workshops on specific music pedagogical topics and the teaching of an additional qualification in music pedagogy, which goes beyond the qualification for teaching artistic specialisation, enable students to develop their individual profiles and, not least, improve their career prospects.

Institute for Musical Teaching and Learning

In In addition to researching the social and musical framework conditions that accompany instrumental and artistic learning processes and the recognition and promotion of musical talent by the children's class, the main tasks of the Institute for Musical Teaching and Learning include holding national and international symposia, lectures, workshops and discussion forums.

Further Information on the Study Programme

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