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Welcome to the University of Music Dresden!

The origins of the Dresden University of Music are tied to the names Carl Maria von Weber and Richard Wagner. At first the university was an educational institution where the future instrumentalists of the town’s famous orchestra were trained. It turned into the Higher Education State Institute; named after Carl Maria von Weber in 1959.


Today the university trains students in a wide range of musical professions and enjoys an excellent reputation, even far beyond Germany’s borders. Next to the Opera Class and orchestral education, also intense activities in the fields of New Music, Jazz / Rock / Pop as well as in areas of science and pedagogics make up the image of the Dresden University of Music.


The collaboration with different orchestras, venues and other educational institutions allows for an intensive and practial oriented course of study. Particulary noteworthy are the tight relations to Dresdens two large internationally reknown orchestras, the Sächsische Staatskapelle and Dresdner Philharmonie.